Zinda Bhagat

Narrative Design Project, National Institute of Design, R&D Campus, Bangalore‚Äč


Zinda in Hindi means 'to be alive'

Bhagat is an Indian name


To create a Multilinear Narrative that gives believable and plausible alternate timelines to real historical events.


Action RPG

Game Pitch

Set in the Colonial Indian Era, you play as the famed freedom fighter, Bhagat Singh. However, the story isn't exactly as things turned out in the history books. Its as if you remember what happened the first time around and you now possess the ability to change the events from the past. You get to choose between playing the same way as Bhagat lived about a century ago, or cause a butterfly effect that presents an alternate timeline with changed or completely different historical events. However, in all but one possibilities, Bhagat will end up dying or getting imprisoned for life. Your objective is to meddle with time and play that one perfect set of choices, that will end in India attaining Independence and get Bhagat out alive.

Project in Progress