Player Attributes and Skills

A character in the game has three characteristic attributes namely Strength, Agility and Intellect. Each attribute is measured on a quantifiable scale of skill points. A Skill point is a reward that the player receives upon accomplishing a physical task.


1 Skill point = 10 Strength points = 10 Agility Points = 10 Intellectual Points


The player must then decide to use the earned skill points to improve one of the three attributes listed below.

—  Name, Title


A Measure of character's physical strength


Angadh's Primary Attribute


Also gives a certain amount of Resistance against damage to the player during combat.


Resistance = S/10

Resistance is offered in health units when the player's Strength Attribute level is S.



A measure of character's in-game quickness


Hana's Primary Attribute


Directly relates to how fast the character can run, attack and dodge. 


Speed = A/(40+(6A/10))

A is the Agility Attribute level



A measure of character's intellectual quotient


Ibu's Primary Attribute


Provides the rate of Meditative Healing ability. 


Healing = I/200

I is the Intellect Attribute level


Character Special Abilities

Call for allies



Weakness Identifier


Armor Repair

TIme Freeze


Half Damage Reversal

6th sense​


Pet animals



Fake Move



Wall Demolish


Pick Pocket​​

Triple Strike

Two-Handed weapons

Vajraryan Shield

Skull Protection

Game Balancing

All these abilities are available under the categorization of Strenght, Agility and Intellect attributes. In order to ensure that each character would have an equal magnitude of pros and cons upon selection, the player is allowed in the game to select his preferred abilities to add on to his/her skill set by working on that skill. In this way, although 'Skull Protection' is an ability under the Strength skill, the player can unlock this ability even while playing the characters other than Angadh. However, in order to retain the relevance of the division of these skills into the three attributes and to stay true to character design, some of the skills are only accessible to particular characters. These are termed Character Special Abilities and are shown in the diagram below. Hover over the picture to see them.

Level up the Skill level of Attributes to use Special Abilities

On the right is a map of a player's total explorable special abilities set.

They are classified under the three attributes: Strength, Agility, and Intellect.


These are unlocked by the player upon reaching the required skill level in the respective attribute.

eg: So a player with an Agility skill level of 750 or above has access to the ability to spy on a target (allowing the player to eavesdrop and follow a target without the risk of being noticed).


However, at skill levels where there are two abilities to unlock, the player has access to just one of them, unless that attribute is his/her prime attribute.

eg: This chart shows the skill map of Angadh. He has access to all the abilities under the Strength attribute but won't have access to certain abilities that fall under Agility (Hana's primary Attribute) and Intellect (Ibu's primary Attribute). The abilities that are unavailable are marked grey.


Hover over this image to see each characters' special abilities.