A Fictional Thriller Novel that's set in 2012 in the Indian Coastal city called Mangalore.

The story revolves around the recollections of 24 different narrators arranged sequentially in time for most parts. The narrative is interwoven with the recollections of 24 different characters and some anonymous memories arranged sequentially in time for most parts and spans for a total of 24 hours 

Released: December 30, 2015​

Role: Author

Plague Runner

A Game Pitch Trailer for a futuristic Pervasive Game Concept with face recognition enabled mechanics and real-time social interactions. This project was made on an exchange semester at Zürich University of the Arts Switzerland. 

Role: Storyboarding, narrative design, Camera Direction and Video Editing.

Cheeni Kum Hai

An Interactive Short Movie with diverging decision points that are choices to be made by viewers via YouTube Annotations to explore multiple story timelines of the same movie.


Story, Scripting and Dialogues

Male Protagonist - Sam

Playback singing: "Rebel Rebel" Cover


A Game Visuals Project inspired by the game Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne. It involved the process of level design via emotion mapping at distinct points of the timeline of the final Output walk-through video all the while adhering to the overarching narrative. 

Solo Project

Nature's Call

Cinematography project focussed on video transitions, continuity and post-production editing.

Role: Narrative Concept, Scripting, Dialogues, Camera Direction, Video Editing.