Narratives aren't just about what you want the audience to know or lengthy text material. It is more about how cleverly you can convey maximum information using minimum words. Pictures definitely speak louder than words. But your visuals can often narrate a lot more than what you yourself intended to convey. 

Take for instance this sketch that I made in one of my game drawing classes. 

The story - A girl is depressed in her apartment 

Now if I had a story in my mind, what else as a writer/artist am I trying to say?


  • Time on the clock: 11:59 - Mid night - a tiring day at work? Or almost noon - A horrible hangover and repentance for the night before.

  • Clothes thrown on the bed - Messy person.

  • Shower tap on, water on the floor - She walked out of the shower or is very clumsy. Wants to take a shower but came to the mirror.

  • The perspective of view is from above the ceiling so there must be nobody else in the room. 

  • A framed photo of a bride above the bed on the wall - But only the bride, the groom's picture intentionally cropped off by the artist- Divorced? 

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