I love writing and creating fiction with particular interest in PC and Console Games

I love building fictional universes, creating character arcs, giving history to objects and places and designing the emotional journey for a player. 

I also possess a firm understanding of the process of Design to go alongside the ability to lucidly critique a given work of audio, video or written narrative.  



My first published work came along in 2015


Fiction Novel titled

I then grew professionally into a Storytelling Expert;

Going on to win the StoryWriting Competition at

GAFX Bengaluru

twice in a row (2017 & 2018)

in the student and Professional Categories.

Find some of my other Written Samples here

Ibu's Quest​

You are 14


Coming to Narratives in


Through the course of my design studies, I came up with two major 

Game Narrative Projects.​

What if a person were trapped in his head and had to run through memories from his past to snap out?

We call this one

My Partner and I wanted to explore a narrative with a lot of Internal Psychological Conflicts.​

I got to construct a Non-Linear Narrative under the genre of Psychological Horror.

Extensive work on the Character Design of the Narrator whose Voice Over holds the game together.

And then, there's

A solo Project

I wanted to build a full-fledged Fantasy World with a Multilinear Narrative.

Three Protagonists; Middle Ages like setup, World Archive Documentation

The Game is that of an Open World Action Adventure RPG. The dominant Game Mechanics are Combat, Conversation, and Exploration


Meanwhile, there were other projects where I took up the Narrative responsibility.

Storytelling via Level Design

It's not always the narration; sometimes merely the way a world is built can tell you a lot of stories.

Adding to the Camera Walkthrough, I took up the challenge of syncing Cinematography with Music.

Game Pitch Trailer

How do you convince your sponsors to invest in your futuristic Game Concept? Make a low budget Trailer!

This project was all about deciding on what to show and how, in order to sell a Game Concept

Interactive Storytelling

This one's not a game, however, it's a movie where you get choices to decide the fate of its characters.

The script for the movie was created with open-ended nodes to incorporate multiple timelines.

So is your popcorn ready for this Gay Romance?


There are these thoughts;

millions of them running haywire in our minds.

It's a shame, 

that we are unable to document all of them.

For if it were possible to record all the ideas of every individual on the planet, imagine the difference it would make in view of the progress of humanity!


Here's my bit. 

Player Experience: How to begin the Game Design Process

January 11, 2019

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To sum it up, these are the two things I associate myself with

I am a Narrative Designer who loves to tell stories through Games


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