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Governing Body

The land of Zaha is governed by one king who goes by the title of Kral. The Kral has his six Chieftains under him who cater to administration across different parts of the land. The Kral also has the Commander of the Imperial Guards (Military head) under him. There is only one person above the Kral and that would be the Grandmaster of Zaha - a Spiritual Leader who normally doesn't intervene in the proceedings of the society unless it turns into a matter of political instability. The Chieftains are voted to power by the citizen of Zaha. The Chieftains elect the Kral. The Kral elects the Imperial Commander. The Grandmaster is appointed by the previous Grandmaster.


Will only intervene in times of a Doomsday Crisis or Political Instability




The highest approachable authority in Zaha

Possess dictator-like powers. 

Imperial Ministry

Constitutes of six Chieftains who handle Law and Order. They also carry out administration and finances for their respective territories.


Imperial Commander

Sworn to protect the Kral, and the people of Zaha against injustice and terrorism. Punish the law breakers



Institutions of Power

The following are the major institutions in the realm that hold the potential of influencing the world profoundly with their actions. They can often hold conflicting opinions and will even be detrimental of others' intensions.




Imperial Guards

Protection of Civilians and defense against a foreign/alien threat, catching and punishing lawbreakers

Patrolling, taking part in brawls and combat tournaments, helping/harassing civilians, exploring the lands beyond Zaha  


Assassinate individuals based on contracts received. Overthrow the Kral Monarchy, fight for the rights of the Minority.

Upset the activities of the Imperial Guards, kidnap valuable people, steal money and goods, scare the civilians for political routing.

Imperial Ministry

Legislative Duties, handling Finances and Legalities.

Permit building activities and celebrations, grant fundings, influence the masses.


Endeavor Scientific Knowledge, preaching Life Philosophy and educate the civilians about the workings of the world.

Make new inventions and discoveries; administrate education and training at universities 


Protect Natural Resources. Conserve Flora and Fauna. Propagate the practices of the ancient humans - the Vajraryans

Propagate the ancient Religion, practice the art of Magic, oppose the current society's approach to life, live in hiding.


Society Factions

The following classification of the society helps us understand the people who make up the population of Zaha. Their identity and motives shape the culture of the society which is vital for constructing a Narrative for the Fictional World.

Rich Landlords who control Properties and Assets while holding the power to employ a large number of people under them

Control land and property, gain financial and political power, win the favour of the people






Scientists, Thinkers and Philosophers, the Intellectual groups 

Solve contemporary problems and issues of life and living. 


A common member of the society with a mediocre life and activities.

Self Sustenance, Contribute to and carry on the cultural practices of the people


Recruits in the Military 

Grow strong, attain Glory and Honour, serve the country

Rebels and Vigilantes; fighting corruption in the Kral Regime the illegal way


Upliftment of the lower class of citizens, elimination of political villians

Appointed Civil servants under the Kral Regime

Serve the Regime, lead a safe life with a guarenteed job security


Cannibals belonging to a race of humans who are physically larger and stronger but technologically primitive.

Take back their lost territories of Zaha and exterminate other Human-like species


Conservative groups of people who oppose modern ideas and change in lifestyles. 

Propagation of the ancient religions and mystical practices.


Laborers who work hard for low pays and struggle to make ends meet

To support their families and attain better standards of living


Groups of people who live in their self-sustained conservative shells, away from the fast advancing society

To protect their self-sustaining community from foreign contamination


Outcasts who have been either chased out of Zaha or condemned for life.

Seeking self-respect and reasons to live


Geographical Topography

This section gives you an overall perspective of the World of Zaha. 

The Earth has endured multiple tectonic shifts, Natural Calamities, and an Apocalypse. The year is 820 AA (After Apocalypse) and the following depicts the known world for the inhabitants of Zaha.

All is permitted in the Izva Islands. One's never bored here.

River Mouth has seen its share of battles and conflicts over the centuries. Everybody seemed to have been attracted to this beautiful land locked territory

The legendary bridges are too apt to be classified as Nature's gift. No wonder one of them got the name, the Vajraryan Pass

The whole island of High Stone is an architectural marvel. Does it speak of the mythical technology of the Ancients? 

All those who opposed the Monarchy of the Kral were sent away to Fulkan.

Going through the Ghor Forest one can't tell between day and night. Mostly because one is already devoured by agents of the wild

Nobody's ever crossed Mt. Antim. Nobody knows what lies beyond.

Swardawn is home to the Kral's and the center of his power. If only the rest of Zaha were at least half as rich, things could have been different.

They say the Island of the Ancients was the center of the ancient Civilization, before the Apocalypse.

You'll have a hard time with the bandits and the snakes in the Mruthal Desert. Try to go around it the next time.

A lot is owed to the cultivators of Grandwell for providing Zaha with bread and butter.

Whiteland is just too cold for habitation. There's nothing there really.


Calendar System

The people of Zaha find it easy to keep track of the seasons to know the passage of years. Hence one Zaha year has four months.


(75 - 105 days)

Average: 90 days


(60 - 70 days) 

Average: 65 days


(75 - 105 days)

Average: 90 days


(100 - 140 days)

Average: 120 days

And the cycle of a year repeats

The eras of humanity are divided into two parts:

Before Apocalypse (B.A.) and After Apocalypse (A.A.) 

The Apocalypse has been described as the catastrophe that almost wiped out all of humanity 820 years prior to present day. Hence when the game begins, the year is 820 A.A. 

For more details on the Apocalypse, check the History and Mythology Section.​

The day is divided into 8 parts depending on the sun's advent through the course of the day. The people of Zaha did use mechanical Sand Glasses with durations spanning from three hours to one whole day. But most people could not afford such technology so the major towns had Timekeepers who lived in high rising towers and activated Specific Bells to denote the time of the day as well as make important announcements.


Fore Light


First Light

Day Start


Day's End

Last Light


After Dark

It begins right after the darkest part of the night and lasts until dawn break.

The moment of Sunrise. It lasts for as long as the sun is yet to clear the horizon

The sun has crossed the horizon. Day Start lasts until the sun reaches directly above one's head. 

The part of the day, when the sun gets right on top of one's head. 

The afternoon phase. It is defined by the warmth in the air and the glaring sunlight.

The air gets cooler as the sky goes Red. That's when most people start towards home.

The moment of Sunset or just dusk. It lasts until the sky goes completely dark.

The long period of darkness when most people sleep. Some even extend it into the Fore Light

Example of time reference

The Grandmaster Dharo was born at First Light on the 89th day of Winter in 709 A.A.



History and Mythology

The land of Zaha has seen its share of historically important events that shaped the present day society. The following are the accounts of some of them. (Work in Progress. Update Pending)


Currency and Revenue

Gold is the default commodity against which the value system was built for Trade and Business.


It is the basic unit of currency. Rakas are made of metal and carved into circular discs with a hole at the center. They come in three denominations.

1 Bronze Raka 

Equals the Lowest unit of Standard Currency

(As of present day, it is losing its value) 

1 Silver Raka

Equals 100 Bronze Rakas​

1 Gold Raka

Equals 100 Silver Rakas

Bank of Zaha

Having previously been directly under the authority of the Kral, the Bank of Zaha is presently an Autonomous Organisation that deals with the revenue system of all fo Zaha. It provides the citizens with the facilities of loans and deposit accounts among other benefits. Being the center of the kingdom's economy, the BOZ is also subject to the most stringent form of security measures, second only to the Imperial Keep.

Revenue System

The Imperial Ministry lead by the six Chieftains handles the Revenue system for the whole of Zaha. Thier prime sources of money for the Government are as follows.


1. People's Tax

The people of Zaha are bound to pay a seasonal tax to the capital. That means there are four taxes to be paid by the people for the four seasons of the year. Failing to do so puts them under the defaulters listing and they are subjected to a trial where their citizenship is put under question. The tax amount is variable based on the citizen's occupation and daily income.


2. The Metallurgical and Mining sites

The excavations and minings from around the land are a source of valuable metals and stones. This also means that if any such site is discovered, it is a direct property of the Ministry (provided its produce proves to be of values greater than a 100 Gold Rakas). Owning a private mining site is illegal.


3. A share in the ownership of the Bank of Zaha.

  The bank of Zaha is obliged to pay up to 40% of its profits to the Ministry. however, the Kral does hold the power to demand all of the profits under extreme cases of Emergency.




The advancements of this civilization can be compared to the Real Life Medieval Ages.


The humans use animal labor in the form of carts and wagons for public transportation.

Most officials use horseback for quick journeys. 


Paper has been around for quite a while. People still use quills and ink to write. Written books are sold and read. The land has Libraries where the age-old scriptures of the past are kept safe. There are no publishing houses. The daily news is made available at noontime at the TimeKeeper's Square. Each of the towns has a timekeeper. The news is broadcasted through pictures and writings on hoardings at the Square. There are official announcers hired to read out the news and make announcements as well.


There are no Post Offices, but all written communication from across the land comes to the Time Keeper's Office. It is then distributed to the respective homes or offices. The ones meant for the Imperial Keep, however, are sent there directly.

Tools, Machines and Weapons

The knowledge of Bronze, Iron, and Steel finds its way into most of the present day tools and weapons. Innovations of Gears and Springs has allowed inventions of mechanical tools that run on human power. Electricity and Magnetism are not known to humanity. 

Most weapons are made of Iron and Steel. There are four types of weapons commonly in use


1. Melee Weapons

Swords, knives, clubs 

2. Range Weapons

bow and arrows, darts, spears

3. Explosive weapons

Smoke bombs, gunpowder barrels

4. Spells

Poison, Hypnotism


Threats to the World

The following are potential threats that can upset or worse still, end the world of Zaha as we know it. These come in handy while designing the overarching Narrative and the Ultimate Conflict.


You cannot have a perfect world that will never end. 

Besides, setting up an overwhelming danger demands Heros to rise to the occasion and complete their journeys.




Misuse of the technology of the Ancients

The Ancients are believed to have been a far technologically superior race who got eradicated after the Vajraryan Apocalypse. Their technological secrets have been recovered in pieces by a few. The potions and manuals recovered are capable of causing widespread plagues, infertility and such other effects on humans. Their weaponry are capable of mass destruction. 

The technology of the Ancients would be a bane in anyone's hands. All of it needs to be recovered and protected from its ambitious and greedy seekers.


If the catastrophe is already underway, then an expert on the ancient technology might be needed to create antidotes or undo the disastrous effects.

Man-Eaters are a humanlike species of cannibals who intend to exterminate other humanlike species. They are physically larger stronger but technologically primitive. If an army of Man-Eaters get access to lethal weapons and wage war against Zaha, mankind might face extinction. 

Outbreak/Invasion of the Man-Eaters

A peace treaty with the Man-Eaters is nearly impossible and even if achieved, will not be adhered to for long. The cannibals will have to be kept at bay or better irradicated from their homes in the Forests of Ghor.

Fall of the Kral Regime

Humans have proved time and again that without an overpowering authority to look upon them, they fight each other for power and greed. If a time were to come when both the Kral and the Grandmaster are gone, the land of Zaha would go back to olden ways of war and savagery.

There must always be a Kral or a Grandmaster or both to look upon Zaha. The highest power must lie in the hands of not only a deserving but also the one who is loved by the people of Zaha.