The whole project is made of just cubes. An endless runner where the player needs to avoid those dark barricades and pick up family members along the way. All the while being chased by a deadly time hogger. As if that were not enough, watch your step, the floor isn't exactly happy to be stepped on! 

The game is metaphorical to living a busy life where a player needs to balance work and social life while time runs short.



Walk the corridors of an abstractly horrifying world, alone. It is too dark for you to notice the remnants of those who dared to explore these halls in the past; And mind you, none ever returned. Your vision of where you go is fed to you through multiple CCTV camera; one in each room. The turns are always dark and you will never know what lies beyond each of them, unless you decide to find out.


A floating city of boxes where you have been placed with the task to track down all the mischievous cyan cubes. But watch out! The dark blue ones are the spoilt brats who won't let you pass. It is okay for you to give up, you know; after all, you'll still get to glide along like normal cubes unlike most others who were turned into grey stones upon losing their way for long in the mysterious cube town. 


A tiny little asteroid floats in empty space among other galactic waste rocks, in search of the home that it doubts to have ever known. Having to lose one's tail is never easy! It now takes ages to cross mere lightyears. Can it make it past the ferocious looking space junk with the little propulsions that it can manage? And wait a minute, who put these walls around us? Isn't this supposed to be empty space?