The following are some of the Game Narrative Projects I have worked on over the course of my studies in Game Design

The Vajraryans

Game Genre: Action Adventure


Keywords: Medieval Warfare, Faction Segmentation, Exploratory Human Combat. Multi-linear Storytelling


Elevator Pitch: 

Three warriors (A Brute, an Assassin, and a Monk) are set on personal quests to find some clarity on their purpose in life. As their stories begin to intertwine, they realise that to attain victory, they will have to go through one another. Once you walk through their shoes, whose life will you choose to live?‚Äč

Specimen 14

Game Genre: Psychological Horror


Keywords: Abstraction, Timeless, Non-Linear Storytelling, Escape the System, Mind-fuck.


Elevator Pitch: 

You wake up in a dark room deprived of all memory and are instructed not to touch anything for 8 straight hours. When you helplessly disobey, you land into one of 26 different rooms. The cocky narrator is in no mood for some fun and troubles you with twisted accounts of your backstory. Each room contains objects that relate to an isolated memory of your past and you are all alone. Wait a minute, is it all in your head? If so how do you snap out of it?

Zinda Bhagat

Game Genre: Action RPG


Key Words: Colonial Indian Setting, Decision-Based Multi-linear timelines development.


Elevator Pitch

Bhagat Singh was hanged by the British Colonial Government for so-called crimes against the regime. What if you could go back in time and change the sequence of incidents that led to his death? Roam the streets of Colonial India as the legendary freedom fighter, Bhagat Singh. Only this time, you hold the power to make different decisions and generate new timelines.