I love writing and creating fiction

24, Fiction Novel

Winner, Story Writing Competition

Bengaluru GAFX (Gaming, Animation and VFX Festival) 

2017, 2018

Writing Samples​

New Doc 2018-10-03_2_edited.jpg

Ibu's Quest​

You are 14

Mind Games​

Cheeni Kum Hai - Interactive Short Movie

A movie that relies on audience interaction to proceed with the narrative at two distinct decision points.

Theme: Homosexuality vs Conservative Norms



How my mind works

I often begin with an Underlying premise - a set of contextual constraints and possibly a learning lesson that shall be embodied by the overall story. Sometimes its an observation made on a regular day. Sometimes it is a complex idea that needs elaborate intellectual/scientific explanation. 

Many a time, a story revolves around a Hero. For me, a hero is most closely identifiable by a character who is most relatable to a particular audience member. So a story can have multiple heroes. However, a hero needs to go through a transformation in the context of the story.

I Love Conflicts. Sometimes a philosophical disagreement, sometimes a question of survival. These help the story to grow organically. They are even better when they are created due to deliberate character interactions and disagreements (instead of random accidents of nature). 

The whole world of fiction is an interconnected system. With the occurrence of each event, there emerge ripple effects that are felt across the story. In some ways, this system tries to self-sustain; meaning - the world moves forward irrespective of audience interaction.