The following are some of my course-related projects and explorations at National Institute of Design 

Multiverse Flipbook

Flipbook Animation


Module: Stop Motion Animation


We have always struggled to understand the boundaries of the vast Universe and the extent to which our eyes can see the smallest building blocks of matter. But what if there are multiple Universes within the smallest of the subatomic particles? Or maybe ours itself is but a building block of a bigger Universe?

Something Fishy

Game Business Planning 


Instillation of Lean Management/Production princlples into employees of a corporate organisation via a unconventional digital game

Game Pitch:

You are one of many fishes who have to move together to get away from the dangers of the turbulent sea and build a durable and safe house with respect to the danger that is upon you before the time runs out. Collective management of resources between team members is the key to winning. 

Game Design Document

Game Development Timeline

Proposed Game Plan


Game Development Duration: 4 months


Target Audience: Employees of a Corporate Office who are at a Managerial post and intend to learn the principles of Lean Management.


Platform: Android, IOS, Windows


Devices: Mobile/Tablets 


Number of Players: 4-6 per game session




Note:  1. The Buffer amount added to the Total Salary give outs is considered 15% of the original total 

  2. The Salaries were estimated in annual average in Euros as per the Course Instructions.





Paper Animation synched with Music


Module: Stop Motion Animation, Individual Project


Music Track: XX- The Intro



The animation is an attempt to represent music in the form of abstract paper cut outs. I would listen to the track over and over again to identify and isolate major music elements and sounds in the track and then depict them as visuals moving in accordance to the music.